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Read The Rules Before Joining!

Doctor Who Stamp by Kezzi-Rose:iconrulesplz::iconrules2plz: Doctor Who Stamp by Kezzi-Rose

Please read the rules guys, its really not that hard.

OC = original character you have come up with yourself
Canon= A pre-existing character from a specific world, such as 'Rose Tyler'

:bulletblue:Quality over quantity.
Pick your best work-not sketches or unfinished work.
Please do not submit duplicates of the same work, even if slightly changed.
-as founder I have the right to move accepted works of art to other folders if I see fit.

:bulletblue: to submit in this group, you must have an OC in the pic/writing ect.
if your art does not contain an OC (therefor not acceptable), feel free to suggest it to favorites

:bulletblue: One submission per WEEK to the FEATURED FOLDER.
(we have HIGH STANDARDS for this folder, don't take it personally if we move it. See "What goes in what folder"… )

:bulletblue: Two submissions per DAY to the LABELED FOLDERS.
Two submissions per person, per day.

:bulletblue: No slash, no fem slash, no exceptions.
Slash: gay relationship
Fem Slash: lesbian relationship

:bulletblue: No curse words.

:bulletblue: No nakedness or x-rated material.
so basically if it needs a filter, it doesn't belong here. Thanks.

Only works with correct grammar, terms, past/present tense, and proper narration (not changing from from first person to third, and back again) will be accepted.


:bulletred: What goes in what folder…

:bulletred: If there are any offensive comments found on the home page (or elsewhere) of the group, I reserve the right remove said comments, and remove the deviant from the group if they become exceedingly troublesome.
If you don't like the rules of the group, you don't have to join, so don't sit there and complain about them. simple as that.

:bulletred: Just Canon characters by themselves WILL NOT be accepted. (starting now 9/24/10) This also means NO CROSSOVERS as those are Canon from here, and Canons from there.

:bulletred: Clarification on "Tardis" folder:There has been alot of confusion of this folder. Has to be Original Designs, *or* a different Type, and by that, I mean not The Doctor's 'Type 40' ...a different one altogether.

:bulletred: I will now be commenting on WRITTEN pieces of work in the deviation submission process asking "Is this work having to do with a Doctor Who OC created by yourself? Are there any curse words and/or profanities? Also, is this work free of errors with prefixes ect. and acceptable to read? Please reply ASAP, I want to accept your work into the group as much as you want it in here. Thank you." .

If you cant follow the rules
:.Stamp::Doctor Who Quote.: by LordOfPastries
Lets have a fun happy environment guys!


Stone Balcony by NixiGraphics Stone Balcony :iconnixigraphics:NixiGraphics 20 1 River Song Journal by SkippyRulesTheWorld River Song Journal :iconskippyrulestheworld:SkippyRulesTheWorld 48 9
Original Character Development
Making an Original Character (OC for short)?
One if the first and most important steps is identifying the type of your character.
I'm not talking about species, vocation, or social status here, I'm talking from a purely creative level. One creator to another.
You need to define the role of your character .
Generally there are 4 types of characters (of course there are sub-categories, but we're going for basic and rudimentary right now ; ))
:bulletblack: Main Characters
One person or a group of people, that have the most importance in the story, and the most support to the plot. Your story usually circulates around the main characters and they're "journey". But watch out! Because all the focus is on them, they have to be extremely well rounded: backstory, attributes, flaws, bio, family, friends, physical features, good and bad habits, the list gos on...taking on a main character is entertaining and rewarding, but get ready for a major challen
:iconskippyrulestheworld:SkippyRulesTheWorld 4 2
Free 11th Doctor Icon by TheSmall-Stuff Free 11th Doctor Icon :iconthesmall-stuff:TheSmall-Stuff 50 4 Through Time and Space by SayuSasu Through Time and Space :iconsayusasu:SayuSasu 56 14 Grand Tardis Key (Doctor Who 50th Anniversary) by PrincessSongBird Grand Tardis Key (Doctor Who 50th Anniversary) :iconprincesssongbird:PrincessSongBird 366 57 Baby Tardis Keys by PrincessSongBird Baby Tardis Keys :iconprincesssongbird:PrincessSongBird 226 82 Clockwork Man by ChadXilla Clockwork Man :iconchadxilla:ChadXilla 20 5
A well rounded explanation of a 'Mary Sue'
The Internet is a confusing place, and if you're new to the whole 'Mary-Sue' thing, don't Google it. I beg you. It's been blown out of proportion, a completely over-used term, and alot of great characters are misdiagnosed as the dreaded Mary Sue. (for having one or two sue-ish qualities)
In short, what Mary Sue (or Gary Sue if its a male) means is; a character that is not well rounded or believable.
Not alot of thought was put into them. They just kind of poped into existence (no past/backstory), no likes/dislikes, they either have all the skills or put it simply , they are 'too much of something'.
Example of a Mary Sue:...maybe they're a gorgeous cheerleader that gets straight As, super artistic as well as athletic, and everyone they come into contact with immediately wants to go out with them or be friends with them, really skinny, really rich, and oh by the way, they where also the first person in space, own a yoga studio/ pet clinic, and their favorite color is rai
:iconskippyrulestheworld:SkippyRulesTheWorld 0 3
Stamp: Fanart is my Drug by DigitalFlareon Stamp: Fanart is my Drug :icondigitalflareon:DigitalFlareon 291 18 Dalek Exterminate by machojoey23 Dalek Exterminate :iconmachojoey23:machojoey23 0 0 Fezzes Are Cool by Kokiri971 Fezzes Are Cool :iconkokiri971:Kokiri971 2 1 Wonder by Ryla-Sehn Wonder :iconryla-sehn:Ryla-Sehn 6 4 Hello Sweetie by SkippyRulesTheWorld Hello Sweetie :iconskippyrulestheworld:SkippyRulesTheWorld 36 23 Eleven Doctors by zerobriant Eleven Doctors :iconzerobriant:zerobriant 73 41


:iconcc-fans: CC-fans Keep Calm And Trock On :icon12thdoctor-fc: 12thDoctor-FC The Clock Strikes Twelve :icontorchwho: TorchWho We love all in the Whoniverse! :iconfandom-stuck: Fandom-Stuck :iconunited-as-one: United-As-One United As One, We Are Art. :iconscifi-fanatics: Scifi-Fanatics Scifi Entertainment Fanatics :iconwhovianmadness: WhovianMadness You can't beat a whovia :iconbbc-3: BBC-3 :iconbeautifulbluebox: BeautifulBlueBox Travelling all of Time and Space :icontardisindomitable: TARDISindomitable The Indomitable TARDIS Crew! :iconhorror-tv-shows: Horror-Tv-Shows :iconoc-canon-couple-club: OC-Canon-Couple-Club :icondoctorwhofics: DoctorWhoFics :iconocloversfanclub: OCloversFanclub :iconblue-club: blue-club Blue Art :icontrappedinthetardis: TrappedintheTARDIS :icontimey-wimeystuff: Timey-wimeystuff Smaller on the outside :iconidris-doctor-tardis: Idris-Doctor-TARDIS Dedicated to fanart of Sexy :icontardis-wardrobe: TARDIS-Wardrobe Design, style, fashion :icondoctorwho-blue-box: Doctorwho-blue-box from Gallifrey to Trenzalore :iconthewhogroup: TheWhoGroup :iconepictimeywimeyness: EpicTimeyWimeyness Doctor Who :iconz-parasites: Z-Parasites Infected!Are you ready to rebel? :iconfishsticksandcustard: FishsticksAndCustard :icondoctor-x-rose-club: Doctor-x-Rose-Club Doctor x Rose ~Forever~ :iconbritishcomedy: BritishComedy It's... :iconfor-the-love-of-ocs: For-the-love-of-OCs :icondoctor-who-love: Doctor-Who-Love Whovian Space :icondoctors-companions: Doctors-Companions DOCTOR!!!!!!!!! :icondoctor-who-ocs: Doctor-Who-OCs
Hey guys, sorry about the delay of the character development contest-I live in Oklahoma, smack in the middle of the Yukon/Mustang area, and have been dealing with all that tornado and flash flooding craziness.

I'm fine, just power outages and such...and the tree in my front yard snapped, and the roads surrounding my house suck worse than they did-but I wasn't directly affected.

My friends sisters house was demolished though, and several others severely damaged, so I've been helping with clean up.

As you can imagine that's put stuff on holdXD

But hopefully I'll get the contest up and running soon!

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TheRealT-ZER0 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you soo much for accepting me. In the future I want to submit and OC graphic novel here, if that's alright.
Fukrazy Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Hello , um I would really like to join your club but unfortunately I can't seem to find your join button.😢
Would you be so kind as too send me a invitation?😮
mohokta81 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
thanks for the join ^^
Queen-Twilight Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014
OMG!! i have a Doctor Who OC
PurpleAmharicCoffee Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2014
I submitted some characters a while ago, but I suspect because they come from a different universe (in which Gallifrey didn't become relocated into a pocket universe or destroyed) they were rejected.
Joeyisepic Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

I am guessing art like…


are not accepted? and if they are where would they go if they have some explanation and story to them? (I have read all of the rules and where things should go but I can't figure out if they would go in Misc or OC literature unless I am completely wrong and they go somewhere else entirely!) thank you if anyone comments back to help me out in this dilemma.

SaraSapphire89 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I don't see why not? They're just your design for a future doctor correct? Seems in teresting enough. And they don't HAVE to be in anything specific, just place them in the OC folder. Thanks for the question!
Joeyisepic Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

=D thanks for the reply I appreciate you helping me out! :thanks:

SaraSapphire89 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013  Student Digital Artist
No problem, my dear! Glad to help.
ND-painter Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haven't found that in the rules, so asking.
If the work is made with a dollmaker, will it be accepted here? Just curious, because I often try to make my OCs using them.
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